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Revisiting That Positive Sequence With Chris Wilson

Posted by Matt Terl on December 28, 2009 – 12:10 pm

After the second quarter of last night’s debaclicious game, I described a three play sequence that represented — to me — the most consistent stretch of positive Redskins performance of the entire evening:

  1. Chris Wilson sniffs out and shuts down a Cowboys reverse for a 13-yard loss.
  2. Reed Doughty intercepts a tipped Tony Romo pass.
  3. The Redskins overturn an apparent Jason Campbell fumble via a successful replay challenge.

After the game, I was able to get a little bit of follow-up to two of these. (There really wasn’t much to say about the replay challenge, and the fact that I’m listing it as a positive play grows more and more depressing by the minute.)

Anyhow, Doughty hobbled into the postgame locker room wearing a walking boot on his sprained ankle — an injury that looked much, much worse when it occurred — and shook his head. “Well, this has been a great season,” he said, grimacing. “Finally get my first career interception and wind up writhing in pain on the field.”

If you’re scoring at home, one of my positive moments was a replay challenge; the other was described sarcastically by the main guy involved.

Fortunately, Chris Wilson’s play was legitimately positive, and he was willing to describe it in more detail.
“They came out in wildcat and they tried to run a reverse,” he explained. “I heard London [Fletcher] make the proper checks for their wildcat, and I had contain. On a reverse like that it’s just a lot easier to read, because he flips it, you know? He ain’t fakin’ it. So he flipped it, I saw it, and I just tried to get upfield because I knew the running back was gonna try to come back and crack me. But the receiver still was able to bend it; he went deep, which was good because I knew my help was coming, but I was able to see the running back coming and beat him; someone else came up on force, and it was a big loss for him.”

Wilson’s the kind of guy who beats himself up in the locker room after a loss, but he was able to take at least one small personal positive out of last night’s game despite the defeat:

“We got it handed to us last week,” he said; “we got it handed to us today. But I knew personally that I coulda played better than last week. I’m accountable for myself, even in the ultimate team sport.

“I wanna say that was my first play of the game,” he continued, “and they tried me and I was able. I was [mentally] in the game on the sidelines, keeping up with their playcalls and what’s goin’ on, what they were tryin’ to do.”

And that sort of individual improvement is one of the two things Wilson is using to motivate him for next week’s otherwise-largely-meaningless game in San Diego. “I’m still provin’ myself every week anyway,” he said, “and I just love the game. That’s all the motivation I need.”

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