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Redskins Work In A Pizza Place For Christmas

Posted by Matt Terl on December 25, 2009 – 3:46 pm

Waleed Zarou, owner of The Don’s Wood-Fired PIzza in Sterling, Va., had one major concern with letting Redskins players act as servers during his second annual Christmas Eve free pizza dinner: “They take too much space,” he said. “You see how tight it is. I was nervous with them being in the kitchen how the other guys were gonna move. It’s a tight space, [and] you got a 700, 800 degree oven going, man.”

The dinner — supposedly two hours of free pizzas for all, although Zarou was still handing them out when I left half an hour past the scheduled end time –is partially about fellowship, a place for people who don’t have anyone else to come on Christmas Eve, and partially about charity, raising money for a mission in Africa. This is the first year that the players have participated — “I thought these guys would help me to grow it,” Zarou said — and Kedric Golston, Derrick Dockery, Lorenzo Alexander, and Renaldo Wynn seemed to really be enjoying themselves.

“We’re very blessed people,” Golston said. “To be in the NFL — regardless of the record — we’re very blessed, and to be able to give back and help … I mean, you never know.”

Golston is friends with Zarou through his father-in-law, and was acting as the de facto manager of the restaurant-working Redskins. “It was hard to get Derrick from the pizza,” Golston said, explaining how the group divided their labors. “I didn’t wanna fight that battle, so I just left him there. And Lorenzo’s more of a calmer dude, so he just said he’ll get the drinks. Renaldo was actually the last guy to show up, so we was actually already operating when he came, and so he was kinda like the guy in the restaurant that went around talked to everyone.”

Watching Golston and Dockery handing out pizza like old pros — asking a firm “Cheese or pepperoni?” like they’d been doing it forever — was entertaining, but not as entertaining as watching them eat seeming one slice for every one they handed out.
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Albert Haynesworth Spends Christmas At Home

Posted by Matt Terl on December 25, 2009 – 2:11 pm

The most interesting thing in practice today, at least from the portion I saw, actually took place before practice, when defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth and head coach Jim Zorn (pictured above in happier times) had a lengthy conversation. It didn’t look like a particularly joyous chat, but I also didn’t think it reached the level of — as David Elfin of the Washington Times wrote — “a heated discussion.” Either way, after the conversation ended, Haynesworth went back to the locker room and departed the facility.

Coach Zorn addressed the issue while talking to the media after practice. Read more »

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Friday, December 25: The Redskins Christmas Halftime Show, 1946

Posted by Matt Terl on December 25, 2009 – 10:53 am

Honestly, there is nothing I can say about this that trumps the description from the person who put it up on YouTube: “A rare gem — portions of the Washington Redskins halftime show from what I believe is the 1946 Christmas Halftime Show, featuring the Washington Redskins Marching Band — also featuring Santa Claus and midget acrobats!”

Well, I suppose that description fails to mention the horse, the elephant, and the “gilded Indian dancers,” but you get the idea.

I hope everyone is having a happy and healthy Christmas day, whether you’re celebrating it with a tree and gifts, Chinese food and a movie, or a nice comforting day at work waiting for Redskins practice.

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