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Voting For Pro Bowl More Important Than Ever

Posted by Matt Terl on December 18, 2009 – 3:38 pm

So ESPN’s NFC East blogger Matt Mosley has some distressing news for those of us who emphatically believe that London Fletcher, Andre Carter, and Brian Orakpo should be Pro Bowlers this year: the current voting results. Here are the relevant position groups, courtesy of Mosley:

Inside linebackers: 4. Keith Brooking, Cowboys; 5. London Fletcher, Redskins: This is bound to upset Redskins fans. The guy’s had another great season but the Susan Lucci of NFL linebackers could remain on the outside looking in. Even Lucci broke through at some point. Brooking’s had an excellent season and deserves to be in the mix.

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The Giants Are Very Aware Of Carter And Orakpo

Posted by Matt Terl on December 18, 2009 – 3:22 pm

When I was in junior high, putting someone’s picture up in your locker meant that you, like, TOTALLY had a crush on them. (I think. It was a long, long time ago.)

I suspect that’s not exactly what’s going on in this screenshot taken from Giants offensive lineman David Diehl’s morning media session yesterday, but if you look at what’s inside the yellow circle there, it’s clear that Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo are very much on Diehl’s mind.

Diehl doesn’t just have pictures up; he’s also TOTALLY talking about these two ALL the time. Okay, he’s actually just asked a question about blocking Orakpo. Here’s his response:

“Obviously you see a rookie that’s made a lot of progress throughout this season. He’s a guy that they’ve drafted TO pass rush, to bring that presence out thtere. And he plays hard, he plays fast, and he comes off that with a lot of steam and is looking to attack the quarterback. So I’m just continuing to watch film on the guy, continuing to see if there’s any tendencies, to see if he shows anything and just most importantly make sure I’m on top of my game.”

You can see it for yourself on the Giants’ website.

Quarterback Eli Manning also discussed the Redskins’ sack tandem during his Thursday media chat: Read more »

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Rock Cartwright Clarifies A Little Bit

Posted by Matt Terl on December 18, 2009 – 2:48 pm


The video above is from yesterday, two of the near-infinite number of interviews consisting of Redskins players trying gamely to answer questions about the front office change. After Quinton Ganther gets finished explaining to people that, really, he pretty much just got here, Rock Cartwright talks.

And at about the the 4:27 mark, Cartwright says of the departing Vinny Cerrato, “I wish him the best, and hopefully I don’t see him down the road.” If you can, I advise you to watch that portion, to create context for what happened today. Because, really, it’s said in a completely non-aggressive, non-confrontational way. It doesn’t make a ton of sense on the surface, but given how many interviews these guys do every day, there’s always some slightly confused rhetoric, whether through mis-speaking or just being misunderstood.

This, apparently, was one of the latter times. Cartwright’s soundbite was played endlessly in local news broadcasts about Cerrato’s resignation, endlessly enough that Cartwright felt compelled to assemble another gaggle of reporters today to issue the following (completely unnecessary) clarification. Read more »

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Clinton Portis Discusses The Death Of Chris Henry

Posted by Matt Terl on December 18, 2009 – 12:21 pm

Clinton Portis gets described in a lot of ways: outlandish, irreverant, outspoken, controversial — all the things that make his radio appearances must-listen (and, often, must-transcribe) things. But there’s an introspective side to Portis that’s often overlooked. Redskins Nation saw it after the death of Portis’ teammate and friend Sean Taylor two years ago, but it’s not something that surfaces much in the regular flow of an NFL season.

The death of Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry yesterday unavoidably brought back memories of Taylor’s death — a talented young player just coming out of a sometimes-troubled period of his life, not playing for his team due to injury, dying senselessly far too young and during the football season.

Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder even opened yesterday’s otherwise celebratory press conference with thoughts of Henry and the Bengals organization. “I’d like to,” he said, “on behalf of the Redskins organization, send our heartfelt condolences to the Cincinnati Bengals, to Chris Henry’s family, and to my dear friend Marvin Lewis. As an organization that went through a tragedy two years ago, our hearts and our prayers and our wishes go to them. We understand. And our prayers go out to the organization.”

The eerie, unfortunate similarity also occurred to someone at ESPN, so they arranged a phone interview with Portis to discuss that grim November of 2007 and what it would be like for the Bengals to take the field after this kind of event. (You can watch the video above.)

But Portis started by talking about Henry as a person, not about the team’s reaction to his loss.

“You think of how Chris was portrayed,” he said, “and then all of a sudden, after hearing [teammate Chad Johnson] talk, you think of the real Chris Henry. You know, what type of guy he was and how he’s gonna be missed. So being in that situation, you know, I think Chris was a great guy on and off the field.

“You run into situations that you can’t control and you learn from ’em, and I think Chad was saying that he learned. He was trying to do everything right and bettering himself, and the Bengals gave him another opportunity, and now he’s gone.”

Then Portis was asked directly about the similarity to the Sean Taylor situation. Read more »

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About That Consultant Thing

Posted by Matt Terl on December 18, 2009 – 12:02 pm

Vinny Cerrato has released a statement regarding a report earlier today on ProFootballTalk that he “will remain with the team as a Snyder consultant.” Here’s the statement, without any glibness from me getting in the way:

A report on profootballfootballtalk.com early this morning regarding me, my future within the Redskins organization and the outrageous suggestions about so-called secrets is erroneous and irresponsible. Three times the blogger notes that he has no facts, and that is the only true statement made in the article. Dan has agreed to pay me through the term of my contract, which ends in February.

UPDATE: ProFootballTalk has also posted a follow-up item on this, based on a separate conversation.

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Friday, December 18: The Answer To A Future Trivia Question

Posted by Matt Terl on December 18, 2009 – 10:42 am

Curtis Gatewood comes off as a pretty low-key guy, and has had a mostly low-key NFL career so far: Redskins practice squad last season, signed to the active roster in Kansas City last November, then cups of coffee with Detroit, Philly, and Pittsburgh’s practice squad before being re-signed on Tuesday to the active roster here.

Prior to yesterday, his claim to fame with the Redskins was an amusing impersonation of former director of player development John Jefferson at last year’s rookie Halloween extravaganza, but Thursday’s big news made Gatewood the answer to an incredibly specific future Redskins trivia question: he’s the last player signed by now-departed executive vice president of football operations Vinny Cerrato.

“Yeah,” Gatewood said yesterday, in his low-key fashion, “that’s true.”

So did you talk to Cerrato a lot? Read more »

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