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Redskins Talk About Practicing Tackling

Posted by Matt Terl on November 6, 2009 – 4:39 pm

In yesterday’s links post, I wrote briefly about an Associated Press article that put forth the idea that not tackling in practice was leading to shoddy tackling in games. Here’s a quick excerpt to give you the flavor of the thing, but it’s really worth reading:

Sure, [not tackling in practice] keeps everybody healthy, but some Sundays can look pretty ragged. Many players get a chance to tackle at full speed only during exhibition games. It shows once the regular season begins.

“It shows a whole bunch,” Redskins safeties coach Steve Jackson said. “That’s one of the fundamental skills. A lot of people don’t tackle now because of the salary cap. You lose a guy because of a tackling drill, you’re the dumbest guy on the planet.”

But one thing I noticed as I read it through is that most of the quotes come from people who definitely aren’t missing tackles on Sundays: coaches. Since missed tackles have been a problem for the Redskins defense at points this year, I thought it would be worth asking some of those guys for their thoughts on this article’s premise. Read more »

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Sam Paulescu Seems Like A Pretty Straightforward Guy

Posted by Matt Terl on November 6, 2009 – 2:23 pm

When I wrote about new Redskins punter Sam Paulescu yesterday, I mentioned just how lively the position has been over the last two years, but I don’t think I gave the basic numbers: Paulescu, assuming he punts the ball on Sunday, will be the fourth guy to that for the Redskins this season, and the sixth in the last two. I also recapped much of the bloggable zaniness of the last five guys who punted the ball, and speculated that we’d find out more about Paulescu’s quirks today.

In a brief conversation today, though, Paulescu seems largely free of obvious quirks. Where Glenn Pakulak talked about the nomadic lifestyle of the journeyman punter and his side gig as a bartender, Paulescu sounded pretty darn goal-oriented when I asked what he’d been doing during the season. Read more »

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Friday, November 6: DeAngelo Hall Week Continues

Posted by Matt Terl on November 6, 2009 – 6:33 am

It certainly feels like there’s been a lot of DeAngelo Hall content this week. I’m not going to count posts to see if that’s true, but if it is, it’s more by accident than by design, and there are two contributing factors: first, because he’s going back to face his old team — a team he left somewhat acrimoniously — for the first time as a member of the Redskins. That’s pretty much always going to turn into a story. And second, because Hall is consistently willing to speak with unusual frankness about the realities of NFL life.

Thursday, both of those factors kind of came together as Hall spoke with unusual frankness about the reality of leaving a team under somewhat acrimonious circumstances.

Read more »

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