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Head Coach Jim Zorn Agrees With Greg Blache

Posted by Matt Terl on November 5, 2009 – 5:10 pm

During his daily media chat session, head coach Jim Zorn was asked his opinion on Greg Blache’s impassioned defense of Daniel Snyder. You might have thought — given all the reports that swirled around Sherm Lewis taking over play-calling duties — that this might’ve been a tense moment, but that wasn’t how it played out at all.

Zorn didn’t hesitate before agreeing with Blache and offering up his own defense of the owner — and taking responsibility for a big chunk of the problem.

“Dan Snyder is a guy that absolutely cares about other people. He does not have that kind of [dark heart] attitude,” Zorn said. Read more »

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Notes After Practice: Another Week, Another Punter

Posted by Matt Terl on November 5, 2009 – 4:31 pm

Since I started working here, it feels like there’s been more player movement at punter than at any other position. And somehow it always brings the wackiness. From the early days of “Durant Brooks is a weapon” last season through Ryan Plackemeier — dubbed “Muffintop” by the Mr. I gang — to HunterGreatest Holder and Shoe Model and William the Bruce Impersonator and Christian Rocker of All Time” Smith and his former-bartender substitute, it’s been a pretty lively bunch. And that doesn’t even account for Shaun Suisham‘s brief, heroic turn at the position.

Well, the shuffling continued today, as Smith aggravated his groin injury and the team worked out (and plans to sign) Sam Paulescu to punt this week. Paulescu’s immediate claims to fame are leveling Tampa Bay’s Clifton Smith (in the video above) and helping to determine the height of the videoboard in the new Dallas stadium.

I’m sure we’ll find out other fascinating specifics when the guy officially signs on, likely tomorrow. Something to look forward to.

Other practice notes…. Read more »

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Greg Blache Breaks Silence, Defends Daniel Snyder. I Transcribe.

Posted by Matt Terl on November 5, 2009 – 1:10 pm


Defensive coordinator Greg Blache hasn’t been talking to the media lately, not because of a boycott but for personal reasons that were approved by the league. Today, that changed.

I figured I had written everything I was going to write about John Riggins’ screed from last night in my last post. But Blache wasn’t satisfied with quietly mumbling his frustration with Riggins. He asked the Redskins PR staff to gather the media, and unleashed the following comments.

“Hey, guys. I just wanted to come in here today real quick. This morning when I came in I turned my computer on, and I was looking at ProFootballTalk and I saw a comment that John Riggins had made about Mr. Snyder, and it really bothered me the more I sat there at my desk. Because there’s been a lot of criticism of him over the last few weeks, and this is a man I’ve known for six years — since I’ve been here.

“And in the six years I’ve never seen John Riggins here. I’ve met him once at the Beach Blitz down in Virginia Beach; never seen him down in the building. So to hear such a vicious criticism of somebody I consider not just my employer but a good friend … bothered me.

“As much as I hadn’t been talking to the media, I felt like this was something I needed to do. Somebody needed to stand up and set this record straight, because this person … the comment that was made was “dark heart”? That’s totally, totally untrue. And the problem is the fans don’t get to know Mr. Snyder like we do, and so they get an impression of things that are written and things people say.”

But wait, there’s more: Read more »

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Thursday, November 5: Guy Fawkes Day Links

Posted by Matt Terl on November 5, 2009 – 11:19 am

None of these links have anything to DO with Guy Fawkes day, but still.

One of the things that’s the most frustrating about watching — and trying to write about — Redskins practice is that the team, like so many other NFL teams, doesn’t actually tackle. It makes it incredibly hard to judge how successful a play actually is, and how good defensive coverage actually is. A guy may get there every time in the game just like he does in practice … but in the game, you have to actually finish the play, and THAT doesn’t always happen.

Joseph White of the Associated Press thinks there might be a correlation there. (On the Redskins side of things, Chris Chase at Shutdown Corner seems to think this applies to DeAngelo Hall.) It’s certainly an interesting argument.

More links…. Read more »

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