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Tuesday, October 27: Albert Haynesworth's Inspirational Post-Game Quotes

Posted by Matt Terl on October 27, 2009 – 6:12 am

Albert Haynesworth is not exactly known for inspirational speeches. In fact, when the Redskins signed him this offseason, the main knocks against him were that he isn’t a big effort guy, he takes plays off, and he’s not exactly a leader.

Having watched him for about half a season now, I would completely disagree with the first assertion (he exerts tremendous effort), conditionally disagree with the second (exerting that effort does cause him to take himself out of the game), and the third … well, that’s complicated.

After last week’s loss to the Chiefs, Haynesworth gave a thundering locker room speech that seemed meant to inspire and terrify his teammates in equal measure. It wasn’t the classic motivational locker room oration, but it certainly displayed the kind of fire the Redskins are occasionally accused of lacking.

This week was … something of a different story.
Instead of blood, thunder, fire, and fury directed at the team, this week Haynesworth talked to the media, and what came out was a sort of tone poem of abject disappointment. There’s really not much to add to what he has to say here, and a lot of it will sound very familiar to some of the equally-frustrated fans here.

On if he gave a locker room speech today:
“Nope. I mean, you can’t say but so much, you know? You gotta actually want to. So once we get to that point, to where we wanna do something, then we’ll do something. But if we just keep going our separate ways, then we’ll just keep getting slaughtered like we have.”

On how he explains the team’s inability to win games:
“I mean, this is one of the most talented teams I’ve been on, and just not to get it done is … I dunno, shocking. And whatever happened, you go out there and play hard and then nothing really happens, you don’t get a spark. I mean, the fans are losing interest — the more games we play, the fewer the fans come. It’s just gettin’ … it’s gettin’ bad. This bye week [is] comin’ at a good time right now. Maybe we can come back and come back as a new team.”

On what the defense can do for the offense:
“You look at it, our defense is playin’, you know, pretty good, but we need to score more points, we need to do probably more givin’ the offense the ball more, give ’em better field position. I mean, if we could put it down there by the goalline for ’em that’d be great. I mean, we just need to do more as a defense.”

On how he feels right now:
“I’m feelin’ lost, like I don’t know which way to turn right now. Maybe this time off and go back to Tennnesee and hang out with my kids that I haven’t seen for a while and … just kinda figure out what we gotta do.”

Not inspirational, no, but pretty accurate.

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