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More Positivity From Clinton Portis

Posted by Matt Terl on September 30, 2009 – 5:20 pm

Through what has felt like a three game losing streak (but has actually been two losses and one ugly win), Clinton Portis has remained remarkably upbeat. The DC Sports Bog has chronicled a lot of his on-air radio positivity, and the Clinton Portis Stay Calm Engine was cranking just as hard during his press availability on the steps today.


A few excerpts…
On if he is worried about Head Coach Jim Zorn’s job:
“Why would I be worrying ’bout Jim Zorn? I’m worrying ’bout my own job.”

On if the adversity they have faced so far this season will make them stronger as a team:
“I hope it do. People are ready to throw in the towel; you know, it’s Week 4 in the NFL season. You know, there’s a lot of teams in the same situation as us. Because we’ve had close games with the {St. Louis} Rams and {Detroit} Lions, it’s like, ‘oh, we suck.’ I think for us as a team we know the talent that we have and I think we have an opportunity to go and do something special. We’ve still got a long season ahead of us, just like last year when we were 6-2. We didn’t win the Super Bowl at 6-2. It took us to get to sixteen games and we realized we weren’t going to the playoffs at Week 16, Week 17. Our season’s not over and we’ve got to continue to go out and play.”

On if owner Daniel Snyder is frustrated:
“I think everybody over here frustrated because when you have the opportunity…. It’s the NFL. You can’t look at ’em and say, ‘Oh, this is a win, this is a win, that’s a win,’ and when you got to the opportunity to win games, you lose them. We talked about that after the Rams. It was like, ‘Oh, you guys played the Rams close and almost lost,’ but we won. And we go to Detroit and we lose, it’s like, ‘if only you all would have won by one.’ Now that we’ve lost it’s okay if we would have barely beat the Lions. You know, it’s always going to be something, we’ve just got to find a way to come out and win games.”

On if everyone is on the same page about getting this season back on track:
“I don’t think people feel like we’re far off. I think we gonna to watch film as a team and we’ll see what we did wrong. It’s not like it’s some bickering in the locker room, and guys are like, ‘This guy sucks, and this guy can’t play, we need to get rid of him.’ We know where we go wrong. That’s why it’s so easy to come here and have hope and say that we know we’re going to get it right. It’s only a matter of time before the plays that we miss out on, we hit. You take everything that happened in that game, if we score on the goal-line, we win. Despite every other play that happened in that game, it’s one play that could change the game.”

On if the team needs to run the ball more to start winning:
“We’ve got to put up more points to start winning. However we decide to put up points, that’s what we’ve gotta do.”

On if he has become more vocal since the team has been struggling:
“We’ve got twenty people walking around the locker room with ‘Hoo-rah’ talks, you know, pumping guys up saying, ‘let’s do it, we can do it baby.’ It’s Week 3. I don’t think it takes a hoo-rah talk, I don’t think it takes pumping up a guy, or putting a guy in the car and saying, ‘Let’s go have a one-on-one.’ I think we’ve got to just go out and make plays. I don’t think this is a time of panic. Some people are saying, ‘Let’s not panic, we’re going to be all right,’ but they’re walking around saying, ‘Come on baby, we need you, we need you.’ Everybody on this team know what they’re accountable for, and everybody on the team know that we need them.

“So I would hate for a guy to come to me and say, ‘Come on, CP, baby stick with us.’ I’m sticking with you. I’m going to give you everything I got. It’s only a matter of time before I have a 200-yard game, and it’s only a matter of time before I have a 150-yard game. It’s only a matter of time before I get two or three touchdowns. It’s just the fact of when is it coming. I know it’s coming, but when? It’s like, ‘Can you tell me, are you going to have 150 yards Sunday?’ I would love to have 150 yards Sunday, but if I don’t, I’m not quitting football. I’m going to go out and play, and if I get it fine, if I don’t, then back to the drawing board.”

On if any one guy can step up and help the team win:
“We’ve got to go out and play as a team, we’ve got to go play team ball. Everybody got to be held accountable for what they do. Everybody’s got to man up and just step up and do their job. I don’t think there’s any, ‘This person, this person, that person.’ We’re going to man up, do our jobs, and get it done.”

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