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Links While We're In Detroit

Posted by Matt Terl on September 26, 2009 – 3:03 pm


As you can probably tell, Chris Wilson is pretty excited about returning to his home state of Michigan. If you’re going to be at the game — especially if you’re tailgating — drop me an email. If you’re not, here are a few links to check out while we’re gone.

  • Lions blog The Lions In Winter breaks the game down based on previous matchups between these specific coaches. His unwatchable-sounding conclusion: “In my opinion, the most likely scenario is an absolutely brutal game, a physical brawl where both teams try but fail to control the ball with the running game, sacks and turnovers abound, penalty flags fall from the sky like rain . . . and the team whose quarterback performs the best wins.” Although I’m confident in Jason Campbell‘s ability to perform well, the rest of that game description sound simply dreadful.
  • Meanwhile, new Redskins blog Staying Medium breaks down almost every significant play of the Rams game and comes away slightly more impressed than he was beforehand, with just about everything except for Chris Cooley‘s blocking and, unexpectedly, Casey Rabach.
  • And Fanhouse takes at look at NFL quarterbacks who hold the ball longest before being sacked. As his detractors would expect, Campbell tops the list. What might surprise them is who comes next on the list: Tom Brady, Jay Cutler, Mark Sanchez. If nothing else, this list will make you feel badly for Byron Leftwich.

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Saturday, September 26: More About Tanya Snyder And The Think Pink! Game

Posted by Matt Terl on September 26, 2009 – 11:12 am

When I wrote yesterday about the upcoming breast cancer awareness campaign at the October 4 game against Tampa Bay, I focused mostly on the gear — the pink gloves and hats and towels and all that. The New York Times took a different route, profiling Tanya Snyder, wife of Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder and one of the lead spokespeople for the NFL’s breast cancer awareness initiative.

And, honestly, the article is much more interesting than my pictures of gloves and patches were. The Snyders as a family are deeply personal people, and the story is interesting as a peek into their private life; it’s also effective — for obvious reasons — as a lesson about the importance of early detection.

But each October, Tanya has stood outside FedEx Field handing out pink ribbons as fans arrived for a Redskins game, part of Think Pink!, the campaign she and the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority started in 1999 to raise breast cancer awareness. At the time, the Redskins were the only N.F.L. team to participate. At least 20 teams now take part, and one of the Snyders’ two daughters nudges pink ribbons onto reluctant men by telling them, “Real men wear pink.”

Tanya has taped a public-service announcement about breast cancer And she is not a neophyte; as a fashion executive, she hit it off with Dan by talking business on their first date. But she still measures her words carefully when talking about breast cancer. She wants to be a good example to her children – two daughters, 14 and 11, and a son, 7 – and to show them that she is going to be all right. Soon after her diagnosis, her son went to school and told his friends that his mother was going to die.

Don’t get me wrong: the pink gear is still pretty cool-looking, but it’s good to also remember that this stuff is genuinely important, and that these initiatives actually provide direct assistance to people who need it. It’s an article that’s worth reading. Read more »

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