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On The Field For Practice – Albert Haynesworth Does The Stanky Leg

Posted by Matt Terl on September 24, 2009 – 4:29 pm

Practice got rescheduled today, moved earlier for reasons that were actually never explained to me. Weather, I guess, although the only weather I noticed was unpleasantly muggy warmth only occasionally cut by cooler fall breezes.

The most notable play of today’s full-pads practice came toward the end. The first-team defense completely blew up a screen pass: Andre Carter threw his blocker to the ground like the guy wasn’t even resisting, and Albert Haynesworth came clear through the line, intercepted the screen pass, and returned it for what would’ve been a touchdown, all to general cheers from the players and coaches on the sidelines.

Haynesworth, not always the most effusive guy in the world, seemed unsure what to do immediately after the play, and somone yelled, “Where’s your dance?”

So Albert Haynesworth — to even bigger cheers — very briefly did the Stanky Leg, most familiar to Redskins fans as Fred Davis‘s 2009 preseason touchdown dance.

After practice, Davis was a bit critical of Haynesworth’s interpretation. “More like the Musty Leg,” he said. “It wasn’t too good; he’s gotta work on it some more. Get a little more stinky with it.”

(I also asked Davis when we’d see him dancing again. “Hopefully soon,” he told me. “Gotta catch touchdowns, gotta start catching some balls.”)

Haynesworth shrugged the criticism off — with a smile, I should specify. “I was ’bout to hit it,” he told me, “but then I was just like, ‘Nah.'”

“He’s a little tight in the hips,” Andre Carter explained. (Again, jokingly. To be very clear and stave off crazed reports on ProFootballTalk: it was a joke. There is nothing damaged with Haynesworth’s hips.)

Cornelius Griffin was devastated. “I missed it, man,” he said. “I missed it. I asked him if he danced, and he just kinda muttered, ‘Yeah.'” Griffin shook his head. “Missed it.”

Fred Smoot also missed it, having been positioned too far downfield to see. Unlike Griffin, he wasn’t too disappointed. “His leg’s too big to do the Stanky Leg,” he said.

Other practice notes:

  • Speaking of Smoot, he participated fully in practice and looked fine doing it. “I’m focusing, man,” he told me. “No doubt that I’m playing this week.” The only person who wasn’t at practice at all was Mike Williams, sent home with a stomach illness. Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, and Anthony Montgomery were limited, but Campbell looked strong the times I saw him working. I don’t see many worries on that front.
  • Despite my preseason jitters, Malcolm Kelly continues to practice, continues to catch the ball effectively away from his body, and continues to generally look like a real live wide receiver. (Still knocking on wood after writing that, though.)
  • Seeing Anthony Alridge in action again, two things become immediately clear. First, he’s just as fast as I remembered. And second, he’s still having some trouble catching the ball. If he can get that cleared up, he’s going to be dangerous.
  • I happened to see more of Chad Rinehart‘s offensive line work than Will Montgomery‘s — the two are splitting time until a starter is named — and Rinehart, at least, looks like a potentially solid contributor at guard. The starters are working with both guys, advising them away from the play and critiquing their work, and it’s clearly having an effect. “He’s working hard,” Derrick Dockery said of Rinehart. “As a young guy, that’s what I did. It wasn’t like I was doing everything perfect, I just worked extremely hard.” As for Rinehart, he’s giving all the right — and boring — answers. “I felt like I competed and did what I was expected to,” he told me, “showed ’em that I could play.” We’ll see, maybe.
  • One other notable play: LaRon Landry jumped to intercept the ball along the sidelines, made the catch, and lateraled the ball from mid-air into DeAngelo Hall‘s arms. It was a sweet-looking but risky play, the sort of thing that the guys do in practice but wouldn’t break out in a game. I dearly, dearly hope.

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  1. By Judith on Sep 22, 2011 | Reply

    Well I guess I don’t have to spend the weekend figruing this one out!

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