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Stephon Heyer's Teammates Cheer His Effort. Mostly.

Posted by Matt Terl on September 18, 2009 – 5:09 pm

Right tackle Stephon Heyer had a mixed day at best last Sunday. He gave up at least two very bad plays and struggled a bit on others. Here’s his analysis of his game:

“I felt okay. I gave up one toward the goalline in the third quarter, a short pass, but I thought as a unit we played pretty well. We had some miscues, and we’ve gotta make sure we get the running game going.”

Written out like that, it looks like a fairly positive assessment, but hearing him as he spoke, it was clear that he knows things need to improve.

But there was one play — arguably the worst of the game for Jason Campbell and the Redskins — where Heyer exerted an impressive amount of effort: Osi Umenyiora’s sack-fumble-recovery-touchdown off of Campbell toward the end of the second half. You can watch the play here if you’re in the mood to depress yourself, but I promise you that everything happens just like you remember it:

  • Campbell apparently waits too long for his receivers to come free;
  • Umenyiora works his way free of Chris Samuels and strips the ball;
  • Umenyiora takes off down the far sideline with two of his teammates as an escort;
  • and Stephon Heyer runs diagonally across the field in a futile attempt to disrupt the play.

“It’s worth it because who knows what’ll happen,” Heyer told me. “I mean, I’ve seen crazier stuff happen in the course of an NFL game, guys getting fumbles right before they get in the endzone, or people getting a tackle … I mean, I don’t know, maybe I could’ve stopped him before the goalline and the defense could stop them again.”

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Coach Zorn Talks After Practice

Posted by Matt Terl on September 18, 2009 – 3:51 pm

After a game-prep practice that was notable mostly for the warmup music — Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror”? Really? — Coach Jim Zorn addressed the media VERY briefly, largely for injury updates. The bullet points:

Colt Brennan had surgery.

Zorn: “He had surgery last Monday; a similar surgery that he had on his other hip. It was a small labrum tear and it was said to be the reason he kept pulling his hamstring. He got that repaired, and I believe he is coming back today and will be at the game [Sunday].”

Zorn estimates three months until Brennan can resume actual athletic activities, though.

Other injury news.

Zorn: “Anthony Montgomery is questionable. I think he may be ready to go, but he just has a little roughness on his knee.”

Chris Samuels practiced and should be a go for Sunday. (Officially, he’s listed as probable, as is Fred Smoot.)

Fred Davis is a better blocker than he used to be.

Zorn: “Fred has done an excellent job blocking, and it’s been a major improvement in his game. I credit him and his hard work, and credit Scott Wachenheim, who has come in with some offensive line background and [has] made the tight ends better run blockers and pass protectors. So, we have been able to nip some of this stuff up, but I am proud of Fred Davis’ accomplishments.”

And that, really, is about it. Read more »

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An Interesting Day At Redskins Park

Posted by Matt Terl on September 18, 2009 – 3:32 pm

I was disappointed that I missed the snake.

Toward the end of open locker room, a small snake slithered out from under Chris Wilson‘s locker, and … here, I’ll let John Keim of the Washington Examiner tell it:

“Somebody do something!” linebacker Chris Wilson said.

Stephon Heyer made several attempts to pick it up and carry it outside, though Mike Sellers chastised him because, “You don’t know if it’s poisonous!” Chris Samuels made the same point.

But Heyer managed to pick it up (it fell to the ground once and coiled up) and took it outside, gently setting it on the ground and letting it free.

Rich Campbell of the Free Lance Star was onhand to snap a picture; I missed the entire thing. This was a source of immense disappointment to me — snake in the locker room! OMG! total blog gold! — and I was kind of bummed out as I headed to my desk.

That all turned around when someone passed my desk and mentioned that LaRon Landry had a monkey waiting for him in the lobby.

The white-faced capuchin was just over two months old, wearing a leash and a diaper and clinging to a stuffed bear, chaperoned by two of Landry’s friends, and he cheep-ed happily when Landry showed up.

“Just a thought over the offseason,” Landry explained, when I asked why he’d gotten the monkey. “I didn’t want nothin’ too big. He’ll get up to fifteen pounds, live 35 to 50 years. When I die, he can die with me.”
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A Redskins Mania Second Chance Via Internet

Posted by Matt Terl on September 18, 2009 – 10:57 am

There’s a story by Gary Fitzgerald over on the Redskins.com mothership about second-chance winners from the Redskins Mania scratch-off ticket touring the facility yesterday. I didn’t have a chance to talk to the practical jokester from Gary’s story, but I did get to talk to Valerie Womack of Orange, Va.

The conversation made me feel kind of dumb. See, I’ve played Redskins Mania twice. Won one (yay!), lost one (boo!). And when I looked at the second-chance information on the losing ticket and it said I could enter the second-chance drawing via the internet, I was skeptical enough that I quite honestly never got around to it. The losing ticket is still sitting on my desk at home.

(I have no idea why this would be, by the way. I’m on the internet ALL THE TIME. There is almost nothing I think the internet couldn’t do. But when it comes to things like this, I always assume that if I don’t send a piece of paper in the mail, no one will believe I want to enter.)

“Oh no,” Womack — a veteran of lottery scratchers — told me when I expressed this opinion. “There’s lots of winners on the internet. More people enter on the internet than by mail. You save a stamp.” Read more »

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Friday, September 18: Mike Sellers Inspires Fear In Malcolm Kelly

Posted by Matt Terl on September 18, 2009 – 9:29 am


Mike Sellers is a big dude, bigger even than his listed 6-foot-3, 273 pounds. Part of this is because, well, he’s enormous; another part is probably his elaborate goatee; and the final part is his outsized personality. Which, in fact, is often misunderstood.

In his tongue-in-cheek guide to football fandom, author Michael Tunison classifies Sellers using words like snarling, intimidating, naturally terrifying, and oozing quiet intensity [while] coated in an enemy’s blood, and all of that — with the possible exception of the blood coating — is an easy conclusion to reach. That’s why Sellers now has his own segment on NBC-4’s Inside The Redskins show Saturday mornings: not to intimidate and terrify, but, Sellers explains, “For me to be me. I get to let people know who I am and how I am and the type of dude I am on this team.” Read more »

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