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What Happened On Byron Westbrook's Punt Coverage

Posted by Matt Terl on September 17, 2009 – 4:45 pm

It’s been mentioned more than once that the Redskins had only four offensive plays in the first quarter of Sunday’s game in New Jersey. What hasn’t been discussed as much is what happened at the end of those four plays. It shows up pretty simply in the play-by-play: (5:04) 3-H.Smith punts 38 yards to end zone, Center-67-E.Albright, Touchback.

The person who is most clearly eliminated in that description is CB Byron Westbrook, who seemed to be in position to down the ball when it bounced at the 2-yard line, mistimed his jump, was still resettling from his jump when the ball landed again at about the 2-foot line, and was unable to stop the ball from rolling into the endzone.

It was a bummer of a play for Westbrook, playing in his first game on the active roster after spending last season on the practice squad. The move to the active roster was a big deal for Westbrook. “It was a goal that I set out for myself before the season,” he told me, “and I definitely accomplished it, but it was just one of the many goals that I set for myself, so now I’ve gotta continue making plays on special teams.”

And he did contribute a couple tackles on kick and punt coverage; unfortunately, the more memorable special teams play was the one he didn’t make on that first punt.

“I just mistimed my jump,” Westbrook said simply. “As a punt goes down — and the football is already oddly shaped — you’ve just gotta judge the jump. I didn’t expect the ball to go up that high, and so when I did jump, I just mistimed it. Those plays are gonna be there all year, so next time I’ll make the play, make it happen.”

What interested me was how some of the other special teams aces on the team would respond to this. Would they sympathize with Westbrook? Criticize him? Mock him outright?
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A Still Picture Of London Fletcher's Hit

Posted by Matt Terl on September 17, 2009 – 10:58 am

I’ve already written about London Fletcher‘s hit on Brandon Jacobs from Sunday’s game, but there are two things that Ned Dishman‘s photo here really highlights. (Click the image to enlarge.)

First, the sheer force of Fletcher’s hit; it almost comes across as more impactful as a frozen moment than it did in motion. And second, the fact that Giants TE Kevin Boss looks eerily like he’s posing for the cover of the original Mario Brothers game.

Just got word that practice was moved earlier because of the weather, so I’ll be heading outside shortly. Read more »

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Thursday, September 17: Trent Shelton And Gilbert Arenas Go Shopping Together At Target

Posted by Matt Terl on September 17, 2009 – 9:28 am

Technically, many of the words in that title are true. Practice squad wide receiver Trent Shelton and notoriously quirky Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas both did, in fact, go shopping. And it was at Target, on Route 7 in Loudoun County, Va. It’s the “together” that’s a little bit of an exaggeration.

Shelton — the DC Sports Twitter King, you may recall, as well a musician, head of Shellyworld entertainment company, and T-shirt entrepreneurtwittered the other day that he had run into Arenas in Target, so I asked him about it yesterday, visions of Arenas’s first album being released through Shellyworld dancing in my head.

It turned out to be a bit less remarkable than that, but the conversation did touch on some interesting things about being a sports celebrity and the life of an NFL practice squad guy. Here’s what actually happened. Read more »

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