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Couple Who Proposed At FedEx Also Wins At Redskins Mania

Posted by Matt Terl on August 27, 2009 – 4:40 pm

When last we saw Drew and Kim, she was sobbing with joy on the muddy sideline of FedExField back in December. Drew had just proposed, and the Redskins would go on to upset the Philadelphia Eagles. It was, on the whole, a pretty good day.

And apparently the wedding went well, too. “It was July 5th,” Kim said.

“I had my groom cake made to look like FedExField,” Drew added. “But our wedding coordinator said burgundy and gold were fall wedding colors, though.”

“But we couldn’t do a fall wedding,” Kim said, “because that’s football season.” The two settled on a football-neutral, seasonally-appropriate light blue and yellow.

They were back in town for the Steelers game last week — another win — and the Redskins Rides car show the next day. I ran into them in front of the Virginia Lottery’s booth, which led to them explaining that they’ve added the Redskins Mania ticket to their home-game weekend ritual, which starts with the couple driving up to FedExField from Tennessee.

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Welcome Home Luncheon – Jim Zorn Remains An Entertaining Speaker

Posted by Matt Terl on August 27, 2009 – 3:32 pm

Last year’s Welcome Home Luncheon was the first time I took notice of Coach Jim Zorn’s facility as a storyteller. I’ve referenced his anecdote about breaking the cheerleader’s nose probably thirty times since then, and was frankly skeptical that his speech this year would match up.

How wrong I was.

Sure, a lot of Zorn’s speech this year was pretty much what you’d expect. Praising the Redskins organization (“The key to improvement in any organization is the people.”); moving forward to next year (“2008 is dead. It’s over. It’s gone. And there were a lot of things to learn, and I learned an awful lot.”); and reiterating his point from Fan Appreciation Day that the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal.

But in addition to that, there was this story about how good it was to have training camp at the home facility in Ashburn.
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Thursday, August 27: About Those Ice Tubs…

Posted by Matt Terl on August 27, 2009 – 8:59 am

After conducting countless interviews of guys in the ice tub during training camp, I finally manned up a few days ago and got in. Sort of. Not really. But I did stand in one, water and ice cubes up just over my calves, while Shaun Shuisham shouted at me to stick with it.

I did not stick with it. On one attempt, I lasted maybe thirty seconds. Maybe. On the second, I clocked myself and came up just short of a minute. It really didn’t feel too bad at first, especially after standing outside at practice for two hours. But the cooling sensation quickly turns kind of painful, and then just plain painful, not “kind of” anything. Suisham and the other amused spectators all assured me that after the painful stage comes a numb stage, at which point you can stay in for much longer. I’ll take their word for it. (Although I will say that my lower legs felt terrific for the rest of the day even after just that short exposure.)

The moral of this story? That I am much, much wimpier than Comcast SportsNet‘s Chick Hernandez, who actually got into one of the tubs to interview Andre Carter. Although, as you’ll see, it was no picnic for him either.

Hat tip to DC Sports Bog for the video. After the jump, a brief sampling of the many hats of Chick Hernandez.
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