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Practice – Offensive Line Doing Some Talking

Posted by Matt Terl on August 25, 2009 – 5:31 pm

Fred Smoot left practice slightly hobbled today, someone having stepped on his toe. That’s not, however, why Devin Thomas brought out the wheelchair and set it up for him. “Oh, I just thought that we beat up the defense pretty bad today,” Thomas said, “thought he might want to take a seat.” (Smoot, as you might expect, responded by rolling his eyes and calling Thomas an idiot.)

That’s not exactly how I saw things unfold — Albert Haynesworth was a dominating presence, intercepting one pass, batting down another, and collapsing the pocket more times than I could count, and plenty of other defenders made their presence felt as well, including a LaRon Landry interception — but the offense does seem to be putting things together, and quickly.

Jason Campbell had one of the most accurate practices I’ve seen from him, for example, and you have to believe that the improved play of the offensive line is one of the reasons why.

Here’s Joe Bugel, talking to the media earlier today about his starters. “First team’s been really good,” he said. “They’re molding together. They’ve got great chemistry. If we can keep that bunch healthy, I think we’ll have a very, very good offensive line. That group is communicating together, they have a great respect for each other, and I’m real proud of them.” Read more »

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DeAngelo Hall Gives "That Work" To Teammates, Barack Obama, J.J. Redick

Posted by Matt Terl on August 25, 2009 – 10:10 am

DeAngelo Hall was sitting in the ice tub yesterday when he said that he was hoping to play basketball with President Obama; it was only incidental that he mentioned how he used to take care of former Dukie and current Orlando Magician J.J. Redick back in their Virginia high school basketball days.

“I used to do J.J. Redick,” Hall said. “I used to give him that work.” (When Hall talks, you can hear the italics pretty clearly.) The assembled media — me and Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog, basically — weren’t clear on “that work,” so Hall clarified. “Kill him. I won the state championship over him. He was like the best player in the state. He had averaged like 32 a game. I went for 31 and he had like 12.”

And Hall doesn’t see why defending Redick was such a problem. “He was so easy, you just deny him the ball. He wasn’t quicker than me or more athletic than me. I don’t know why guys didn’t do that the whole season, just deny him the ball and run a box-and-one. That’s all we did and I locked him up.” Read more »

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Tuesday, August 25: Alma Mater T-Shirts

Posted by Matt Terl on August 25, 2009 – 8:30 am

The Redskins Community Relations department had an entertaining photo shoot on Friday. Programs Manager Jordana Taylor contacted the schools of every player on the roster to get a school T-shirt, and each player was photographed in his school’s shirt as part of a pro-education campaign. The players were then allowed to either keep the shirt, or autograph it and donate it.

In most cases, this was straightforward enough. It’s not hard to get four University of Miami T-shirts, for example, or four from Maryland or a couple from Virginia Tech. As you’d probably expect, Hawaii was quick to provide a shirt for Colt Brennan. Missouri included a note for Chase Daniel, and many other schools were similarly forthcoming.

Other schools were a little tougher.

Read more »

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