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Chase Daniel Accessorizes, Gets Ready To Play

Posted by Matt Terl on August 22, 2009 – 6:50 pm

One guy expected to see more playing time tonight — assuming the weather holds and the second half of this game actually happens — is rookie backup quarterback Chase Daniel. Some reports, in fact, predict him getting snaps for the entire second half (assuming, again, that such a thing happens).

How he’ll perform remains to be seen, obviously. He saw no action last week, but Daniel — like fellow backup Colt Brennan — comes out of college sporting garish statistics but with questions about his transition to the pro game. This has been well documented.

Less well-documented is his choice of power-enhancing bling. Unlike Coach Zorn, who has a fondness for the “stabilizing effect” of Phi-Ten necklaces, when (if) Daniel takes the field tonight, he’ll likely be sporting PowerBalance silicone wristbands.

Which, he assured me, are based around a completely different philosophy than the Phi-Ten stuff.
“This isn’t based off of magnets,” he said. “It’s based off of holograms. So it’s a little bit different in the fact that it’s just your balance and your strength and your inner core.”

Here’s how the PowerBalance website describes the wristband’s technology:

POWER BALANCE’S Mylar Holographic Disk (the same substance used to keep static electricity from damaging electrical components) has been imbedded with an electrical frequency that restores your body’s electrical balance, promoting a free exchange of positive and negative ions and align your body’s energy pathways.

The high density Disk acts much like a switch, resonating within your system and turning on your energy field while it clears the pathways so the electro-chemical exchange functions like the well-tuned generator it was designed to be.

I was skeptical of these claims, to say the least. Daniel had clearly heard such skepticism before. “You know, you could say 95% of it is mental, but it’s proven to work, a lot of college guys are wearing it, a lot of pro guys are wearing it.”

And then, when Todd Yoder walked by wearing one, Daniel — who was introduced to the bracelets at the Elite 11 quarterback camp — saw the chance to demonstrate on me. While Yoder pulled the bracelet off and I put it on, Daniel explained what it was supposed to do.

“It’s supposed to help with your equilibrium-slash-balance,” he said. “There are a couple of tests that convinced me. It’s a lot mental, but you’ll see the tests. They prove that it works. If you watch college football at all, you’ll see quarterbacks wearing ’em.”

I remained skeptical, but stood up as Daniel indicated. He had me hold my arms out in a T, then stand on one leg. When he pushed down on the arm opposite my down leg, I toppled, as you’d expect. He had me switch legs, he switched arms, same result.

Then we repeated the test while I wore the bracelet, and I was able to resist his pressure on my arm and stay upright.

There was a second test that’s a little tougher to describe, although it was identical in intention: I stand in an awkward position, fall over without the bracelet, don’t fall over with the bracelet. And again, it worked.

“Pretty weird, but whatever,” Daniel said. “Even if it is mostly mental, obviously it works, though, on those tests at least.”

And that’s when Yoder dropped the coup de grace: “If mentally you think you’re sharper when you’re wearing it,” he said, “then are you? That’s the mind puzzle.”

Whether it’s mental or physical, if you see Daniel stay upright despite a hit, now you know one possible contributing factor.

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