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An Optimistic Season Preview, Courtesy Of Madden NFL 10

Posted by Matt Terl on July 27, 2009 – 5:11 pm

Let’s be honest: there hasn’t been a whole lot of positivity about the Redskins in the national media this offseason. Most early power rankings have them in the 20s, most prognosticators have them finishing fourth in the competitive NFC East, and, basically, the strong start to last year seems to have been forgotten and eclipsed by the fade down the stretch.

Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if there were some sort of truly objective observer? Some kind of computer program, say, that would compile the statistics and project the season based on the team’s abilities rather than on some ephemeral belief that Jason Campbell is going to play poorly because his feelings were hurt in April?

Well, video game review site IGN.com simulated the entire 2009 NFL season in EA Sports’ Madden NFL 10 as a way of simultaneously previewing the NFL season and the upcoming release of the new Madden game.

Some of the final standings are predictable: the Steelers and Ravens go to the playoffs out of the AFC North, and they’re joined by the Colts, Titans, Patriots and Chargers. The Saints, Cardinals, Falcons and Eagles also make the postseason — no real surprises there. The Packers win the NFC North, which would be somewhat surprising but not completely incomprehensible.

But the NFC East… well, that doesn’t go quite as people expect:

That’s the Redskins on top with a 13-3 record, best overall in the NFC, with the Giants falling to a surprising 6-10 and last in the division. (If this actually happens, by the way, the entire preseason sports prognostication industry might collapse in on itself like a dying star.)

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Monday, July 27: Casey Rabach Needs A New RV For Training Camp

Posted by Matt Terl on July 27, 2009 – 12:19 pm

The law of unintended consequences is about to catch up with Casey Rabach.

When Rabach’s friend and offensive-linemate Jon Jansen was released (and signed with Detroit), Rabach took a philosophical,”that’s the way this business works” approach to the situation. Which made sense at the time, because … well, that’s the way this business works. But in just a couple of days, there will be a very physical, very tangible reminder of Jansen’s absence: no RV at training camp.

It had become a training camp tradition: Jansen would park an RV on the outskirts of the parking lot at Redskins park, and a select group of players — mainly offensive linemen — would use it as a mid-day escape from training camp.

“Jon brought his RV here, which was a Class A RV. It had satellite TV, air conditioning, bathroom facilities, kitchen facilities, and fridge. And during practices and time off, we’d all get out there, catch a snooze, catch a little movie time … it was just a place to kind of hang out and get away from football.”

Not having this getaway represents something of a problem for Rabach, so he’s determined to do something about it.

“I’m putting out some feelers here. I’m hoping there’s a die-hard Redskins fan out there that won’t be using their RV during training camp. And if so, if they want to lend it to some of their favorite Redskins — you know, me, Chris Cooley, some other guys that might be sprinkled in there — we’ll gently use it, keep it in immaculate shape, but maybe they can hook us up for an oasis away from camp. We’ll definitely have power out there, but a generator would also be nice in case, you know, we have problems.”

Rabach does not expect anyone to do this sort of thing out of the goodness of their hearts, though.
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