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Fred Smoot, Next Food Network Star

Posted by Matt Terl on July 8, 2009 – 10:53 am

The Next Food Network Star is one of my summer TV guilty pleasures. Just about any cooking reality show can safely be classed as one of my guilty pleasures, actually, but I feel particularly guilty about NFNS this season, largely because I can’t stand any of the contestants. I’m sure they’re all perfectly lovely people, but I have no interest in watching any of them host anything.

This has put a real damper on my enjoyment of the show, and I’ve spent a disproportionate amount of time trying to think of how it could be improved next season. Up until today, the best suggestion I had come up with was eliminating multiple contestants in one episode, but a video on NFL.com has provided an option that I really should’ve thought of myself:

The Food Network — much like professional bowling and radio color commentary — needs Fred Smoot. Check out this tour of the team’s dining area from NFL Total Access:

He’s got a distinct culinary point of view — count how many times he mentions the rich food heritage of his Mississippi upbringing — and excellent camera presence. Sure, in the course of this brief video he misidentifies quail as “river pigeon” and needs Colt Brennan’s help to make a smoothie, but is that so much worse than anything this year’s NFNS contestants have done?

No, no it isn’t. Once Smoot’s done with the whole bowling thing, this is what absolutely needs to be next. Read more »

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Wednesday, July 8: Colt Brennan On Video, Still Not On Twitter

Posted by Matt Terl on July 8, 2009 – 9:02 am

Colt Brennan
sat in with the Honolulu Advertiser‘s Stephen Tsai and Leila Wai on The Warrior Beat yesterday for a long video interview fielding questions from fans. (The embedding on the video isn’t working here, but follow the link for the Warrior Beat player.)

If you’ve been following the ongoing “Cult Of Colt” drama since last preseason, you will be singularly unsurprised to hear that several of the questions are variations on “Hey, why don’t you start ahead of Jason Campbell?” and Brennan handles the questions with the same class and understanding of his place in the NFL pecking order.

But he also addresses one of the major knocks on his otherwise stellar college performance, acknowledging that his Hawaii team may have been a little too comfortable just to get to the Sugar Bowl, which he turns into a life lesson for the future: “I can tell you that if I ever get a chance to play in a championship game again,” he says, “I know what I’ll want to do to prepare for it.”

You can also hear about his political aspirations (or lack thereof), favorite surf spot in Hawaii, top Hawaiian foods (not macadamia nuts, despite what the mail here would indicate), Michael Jackson memories, Coach Zorn’s new drills (“like hacky-sack with footballs”), responding to his draft critics, Jets rookie Mark Sanchez (“I’m glad he’s not on the Redskins”) and a whole lot more.

Oh, and he sings a couple of verses of both “Hail To The Redskins” AND Young Jeezy’s “Put On”, and addresses his current dating status.

It’s a long, excellent, rambling, honest interview, and worth the time it takes to watch. (Did I mention that it’s long?)

Also, he gets to talk yet again about the video — it’s after the jump — of him singing “Girl I’m Gonna Make You Sweat” at least year’s rookie hazing, so that’s always fun. (I really thought it was performed by Inner Circle and not UB40, though. Shows what I know.) Read more »

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