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Tuesday, June 30: Getting To Know Robert Henson With Hogs Haven

Posted by Matt Terl on June 30, 2009 – 8:27 am

The intrepid guys over at Hogs Haven aren’t taking a break here in the depths of the offseason. They are well aware that people have needs, and that those needs include umpty-thousand word interviews with football players (and their significant others) to fill the hours at work.

So they sat down for a long dinner with rookie linebacker Robert Henson and his wife before Henson set off to the rookie symposium, and then they transcribed it for your reading pleasure. The conversation ranges from the draft to Redskins history to where the predaft analysts got him wrong, along with all the other offseason topics of note. It’s a detailed, wide-ranging, rambling conversation, and it’s perfect for when you’ve got the time to read it.

Robert: You know who can still throw? TC. Todd Collins. He can THROW. I was dropping back in coverage thinking I was about to get him and that ball was there! I wouldn’t sleep on Colt Brennan either. Colt’s arm is crazy. You know what messes me up is his release. Most of the time you can time a quarterback’s release but that sidearm.

Sugar: The coaches get on him for that?

Robert: I haven’t been really paying attention to that. I’m mixed up in my own battles. I can’t touch the ball when he throws, but I’ll try to change that in training camp. I remember watching him in your pre-season game last year, and he did real good. Chase Daniel is faster than I thought he was. He was scrambling on one way and I had to get on my horse to go and get him. Haha. He’s smart. VERY smart. We were doing 7 on 7 today, and actually they only had 5 players. He was drawing up routes telling them what to run to get around certain players.

Kevin: So you’re #58…do you know of Wilbur [sic] Marshall?

Robert: Yea, I’ve heard of him. Well, one name I’ve heard a lot is Sam Huff. I got in trouble for not knowing the famous TCU guy that came to the Redskins. Sammy Baugh. I got in trouble for that one. But I know now.

You can check out the rest of the interview here.

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