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Video From The Broadcasting Boot Camp

Posted by Matt Terl on June 29, 2009 – 10:44 am

I didn’t see it before I made my earlier post on the subject, but the Washington Post also has video from the Broadcasting Boot Camp, and it’s just as fascinating as Carpenter’s article was.


A grateful hat tip to Awful Announcing. Read more »

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Brian Orakpo At The Rookie Symposium, Jason Campbell's 2009 Continues

Posted by Matt Terl on June 29, 2009 – 9:07 am

NFL.com provides this brief glimpse of Brian Orakpo and Mark Sanchez at the Rookie Symposium. Please do not be confused by the initial presence of Sanchez here; that long nightmare is, in fact, still over. The Jets DID draft him. Patiently wait through the Sanchez stuff for Orakpo’s appearance.

The most important soundbite in that appearance is probably the fact that he refers to the defensive ends as “we” when discussing Haynesworth’s impact. It’s doubly notable because he makes that comment to Steve Wyche, who — as Hogs Haven noted on Friday — just wrote about Orakpo transitioning to OLB, which is certainly covering all the bases. Only seventy-odd days until all the speculation is moot.

Also at NFL.com, Thomas George writes a Jason Campbell 2009 offseason profile that is pretty much the apotheosis of all 2009 Jason Campbell offseason profiles. It’s all there: reference to Jay Cutler? Check. Read more »

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Monday, June 29: The Circle Of Broadcasting Life

Posted by Matt Terl on June 29, 2009 – 8:42 am

Renaldo Wynn
was at the broadcasting bootcamp last week, the NFL’s three-day seminar designed to prepare current players for a second career in the announcing booth. As I mentioned on Wednesday, SI.com‘s Ross Tucker caught up with Wynn — among others — to get some thoughts about current announcers.

Wynn was impressively frank. After hammering Tiki Barber as his least-favorite current announcer, here’s how he responded to the question of what qualities he “really dislike[s] in an on-air personality:”

Wynn: “The least-liked broadcasters are former players who get in the booth and they start bashing other players immediately. They start bashing other players and forget they used to be a player. You can be critical if you need to be without personally bashing people. I think you lose your credibility.”

So you have to wonder what, exactly, Wynn would make of this morning’s news from an ex-player who recently became an ex-broadcaster. Read more »

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