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Wednesday, June 10: Fred Smoot Bowling – The Musical

Posted by Matt Terl on June 10, 2009 – 8:54 am

I described Fred Smoot‘s bowling style in great detail yesterday, but didn’t have the video to support it. And, honestly, I still don’t — Smoot spots the camera here within the first few seconds, and dials back his routine accordingly. Still, this gives a little bit of the flavor of what I was saying — the held pose after rolling the ball, the swagger, everything else. If you want just a slight taste of what Smoot could add to the PBA Tour, you can begin to see it here.

The musical score wasn’t so much an artistic decision as a necessity; the overwhelming level of the background noise made listening to the original audio physically painful, so I dropped in one of the pre-packaged music tracks that come with the Flip Camera. Honestly, I kinda like the effect — the proper instrumental music elevates anything to the level of high drama.


Bad news, though, for those of you who want to see the video Chris Cooley said that I have of him throwing three strikes from behind the seats in the bowling alley: I don’t actually have it. I have a still picture of him standing behind the seats while the ball is in the lane on the way to a strike, and somewhere I have a video of him not getting a strike from behind the chair — the streak-breaker, in fact — but never actually got the turkey video he promised. Sorry about that. I can vouch for his claim, though, for whatever that’s worth. The completely unremarkable still image is after the jump.

If you’re tired of all the bowling stuff, rejoice. This is the end of it from me, I think, and OTAs resume today.

UPDATE: Dan Steinberg at the DC Sports Bog checks in with a response from the PBA to Fred Smoot’s dreams. Amazing.

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