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Golf Leads To Entertaining Wardrobe Choices

Posted by Matt Terl on May 20, 2009 – 11:38 am

Let me start by promising that this site isn’t going to turn into The Official Golf Blog of the Washington Redskins. In fact, these pictures are from an event last week — the Redskins Annual Partner Invitational Golf Outing, or something like that — that I didn’t even attend. But a few of the pictures were interesting enough for me to ask about.

Stephon Heyer, for example, apparently showed up underdressed by the course’s standards, so they asked if he would consider changing into some more traditional, khakis-and-collars-level golf attire. Heyer happily agreed. But the pro shop didn’t quite stock clothes sized for a 6-6, 314 pound man, and he was forced to squeeze into slightly-too-small shorts and shirt.

I’m guessing the golf cart just shrank in the wash.

Heyer’s ensemble was the product of a mildly amusing sequence of events, and it does look uncomfortable, but it’s not nearly enough to challenge Clinton Portis‘s socks for the title of Most Fantastic Redskins Golf Wardrobe.

No, that honor goes to the pants that safeties coach Steve Jackson was wearing.

These were fascinating enough that I had to ask him about them. “They’re from loudmouthgolf.com,” he told me. “That orange atrocity that John Daly wore at Sawgrass? That’s theirs.” (Check it out. It’s definitely an atrocity.)

“I can also go traditional,” he added. “I’ve got plaid sweaters with matching socks, or plaid pants with a solid top. For that kind of stuff, I go to golfknickers.com.”

I think Clinton Portis’s Wal-Mart socks still get the edge by virtue of not being quite so deliberately specialized, but this represents the first definite competition.

The only people completely exempt from the traditional golfing dress code? That would be the cheerleaders.

I wonder why that loophole exists.

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