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Tuesday, April 7: Renaldo Wynn's Cousin Strives For Perfection

Posted by Matt Terl on April 7, 2009 – 3:04 pm

Well, the aftermath of yesterday’s Devin Thomas/Ethan Albright matchup-by-proxy in the NCAA Tournament was a bit of a letdown, to say the least: nothing much happened. Albright wore a relatively subdued Carolina sweatshirt, and Thomas worked out his disappointment on the practice field. Nothing was painted Carolina blue, no one was publicly shamed, and life went on apace.

Still, though, it was an interesting setup to the evening’s game — possibly the most interesting thing about that already-over-at-five-minutes-in disappointment — so I was intrigued to hear that someone here has a legitimate rooting interest in tonight’s Women’s NCAA Finals game.

I knew that Connecticut guy Alfred Fincher was rooting the team along, but a passing interest in a game that not many people watch didn’t seem to warrant further mention. And then I found out that Renee Montgomery is Renaldo Wynn‘s cousin.

Montgomery, for those of you who don’t know (which I suspect is nearly all of you), is the All-American senior point guard for the currently-undefeated UConn team, and is one of the top players in the sport. Here’s ESPN analyst Doris Burke explaining why UConn beat up on Stanford on Sunday:

Renee Montgomery’s leadership. Beyond her points and assists, she set the tone with her pressure defense against Stanford. She played with a confidence that said she didn’t think the Cardinal could handle her defense, and that aggressive mindset and refusal to allow Stanford to get off to any kind of a good start made the difference. Any time the Cardinal made a shot, Montgomery made a bucket or found somebody else. She’s an extraordinary leader. Watching her with her teammates on the floor and off is unbelievable.

So that’s the kind of player we’re talking about, like if I suddenly discovered that Todd Yoder was related to Tyler Hansbrough or something.

Still, “cousin” can mean a lot of things, from “person who is like a sister to me” all the way down to “girl I’ve never even met that my parents say we’re somehow related to,” so that’s where I started when I talked to Wynn about this today.

Wynn: “I know her pretty good, man. My dad’s from West Virginia, so we always took trips down there, and always went to her area, St. Albans. Her mom and dad are my first cousins.”

And you’ve been following her career this whole time?

Wynn: “Yeah! It’s crazy, man, because I remember as a little girl, you know, all the time, she was the one that kinda really excelled at the athletic part. I remember I was trying to get her to Notre Dame when she was coming out as All-American. They played the McDonald’s All-American Game at Notre Dame at that time, but she was going to UConn right from the jump. It worked out.”

So you’ve been watching the women’s tournament? Read more »

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