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Redskins Linemen Make The Gossip Blogs, Sort Of

Posted by Matt Terl on March 31, 2009 – 2:22 pm

So defensive linemen Chris Wilson and Lorenzo Alexander went out to the Wizards/Pistons game on Saturday night, got some solid courtside seats to watch Gilbert Arenas make his triumphant return. (Can a player make a triumphant return if his team doesn’t precisely triumph in his comeback game? Anyhow….)

Wilson and Alexander are nice guys and solid role players with the Redskins, but they’re not exactly the typical candidates for the gossip sites. Still, there they were, plastered all over venerable celebrity-watching site Bossip.com the next day.

That’s Chris Wilson underneath the yellow arrow there.

Now, it’s possible, based on the framing and composition of that picture, that maybe — just MAYBE — Bossip was actually more interested in actor/dancer/renaissance man/producer Columbus Short. Which is fair enough, because Wilson felt similarly himself.

Were you star-struck by this coincidence of seating?

Wilson: “I was a little … not star-struck, really, but I was just like, ‘Man, that’s Columbus Short! I was just talking about him being one of my favorite actors.'”

Really? I mean, I know him from Stomp The Yard and Studio 60, but….

Wilson: “Stomp The Yard, yeah, we know he can dance. And then he was in This Christmas, and it was sort of like, maybe he’ll just be a family movie kinda guy. But in Cadillac Records, he just … I barely even knew it was him, just like, ‘this guy’s terrific,’ and then, ‘Is that Short?!?!'”

So did you talk to him at all at the game?

Wilson: “I talked to him a little, when Caron [Butler] had the ball, and [Walter] Herrmann is trying to guard him, and you know how Herrmann is–” he did a quick imitation of Herrmann’s slightly awkward, slightly gawky moves — “so I’m yelling, ‘Don’t get scared, Herrmann!’ Because I’m there to watch the Pistons, and these guys are all watching the Wizards, so [Short] turned around and gave me a kind of nod.”

Is it the same for you seeing a guy like that as it is when Redskins fans see you?

Wilson: “We wear helmets, though, so people don’t always recognize us. This, though, that’s what he looks like. Like an NBA player, you’re just like, ‘That’s LeBron James!'”

Makes sense. And how is offseason conditioning going?

Wilson: “It’s going good, you know? Just getting ready for the season, doing what we need to do.”

Did you bulk up? You look like you might be bigger than last year.

Wilson: “Nah, I’m about the same. I’m carrying the weight distributed a little differently this year. But it’s been a good offseason so far, and I’m pretty excited to see how they’re gonna use me this year.”

Here’s another shot that captures both Wilson and Alexander.

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