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Thursday, March 26: And Finally, Campbell On Campbell

Posted by Matt Terl on March 26, 2009 – 11:02 am

Well, this is a relief. Yesterday, I had two posts about what people were saying about Jason Campbell in the media … and I think we all know that nobody ever rests at a two-parter. Whether you’re making an overly self-important science fiction movie or hammering the local college basketball coach, it’s vitally important to structure your work in trilogy form whenever possible. So I humbly offer big thanks to Ryan O’Halloran at the Washington Times for providing the Return Of The Jedi to this particular three-parter.

In some ways, this is a familiar article. It feels like every year we read one of these “Jason Campbell has to prove himself” pieces, like . There’s a slightly different feel to this one, though — this is, after all, a Jason Campbell who has finally gotten to experience headlines like “With Tough Love From Zorn, Campbell Now Among Elite QBs”.

He still sounds somewhat resigned, somewhat tired of the questions, but he also sounds much more confident than in the past, and when he describes the team’s future success, it sounds much less far-fetched and abstract.

“I smiled about it and said, ‘Here we go again,’ ” Campbell said. “It went over my head. It’s March, and people want things to talk about. Everybody’s into the quarterback and anything that’s going on with him.

“I felt like I had good numbers last year,” Campbell added. “We weren’t a straight-up passing team – they passed more in Denver. In the first half, when our guys were healthy, we were rolling, and the only thing stopping us was us. A lot of things unfolded in the second that didn’t go our way. I feel I can be a top quarterback in the league, so that talk didn’t bother me at all.”

Campbell also describes a slight change to the approach this offseason that should please a lot of his more strident critics … or at least show them that he shares their primary concern:

“I’ve met with [coach Jim Zorn] twice this offseason and had long conversations both times about the things we’re going to do and the things we’re going to change up offensively to try and score more points. We’ll do a lot of experimenting during the minicamps and OTAs and see how it works out. We’ve passed the learning aspect of this offense – now we’re retooling.”

It’s a good interview, certainly worth reading, and a solid capper to this Jason Campbell Trilogy. Now you just have to wait twenty years, and I’ll come back with a CGI-heavy prequel trilogy full of lousy dialogue and goofy characters. Something to look forward to….

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