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Coach Zorn On The Draft Party, Bringing In New Fans, And Offseason Work

Posted by Matt Terl on March 20, 2009 – 1:42 pm

The part of Chris Cooley in the morning’s post about the team’s Draft Day Party was originally supposed to be played by Coach Jim Zorn. Since Zorn’s address to the crowd is one of the centerpieces of the event, and since last year was his first experience at something like this as head coach, I asked him for his impressions of the day.

But since he is Jim Zorn, the conversation took a somewhat more detailed, more thoughtful, and more lengthy turn than I was expecting. So rather than cutting some genuinely interesting insight down to fit into the framework of that post, I excised Zorn entirely from the piece.

Instead, here are his thoughts on the draft day party, ways to bring new fans into the NFL, and how offseason conditioning is going. I think it works much better this way.

What was your initial impression of the Draft Day Party?

Zorn: “It’s easy to think that certain parts of this event are just about novelty, or about appearing dramatic. You know, the coaches fly in a helicopter to get there. All that stuff is dramatic but it was actually necessary to be able to do all the things that need to be done that day.

“I think what was unique about it is how this organization took the time to meet the fans. For me I thought it was a little bit of a novelty because it was my first year and all that kind of stuff, yet this is something that goes on in a much more significant way than just being a novelty. It really is a way to meet with the fans. To have a more personal touch.

“The Redskins’ relationship with their fans is pretty intimate for an NFL organization. Not only with our players interacting with fans, but our coaches as well.

“I’ve thought that through: it’s even more important now than it was when I first did it, because when I first did it I thought it was just, ‘Okay, well, the organization is going to get Jim Zorn out there’ — or the new head coach out there, not just me personally — but the head coach out there meeting the fans. I think it does mean a bit more than that. It truly does give an opportunity for the fan to meet the organization a little more up close and personal.” Read more »

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Friday, March 20: Draft Party Details

Posted by Matt Terl on March 20, 2009 – 9:13 am

Well, for everyone who’s been sending questions to me and to Redskins Nation, here’s the details on the Draft Day Party:

On draft day, April 25, the stadium gates at FedExField will open at noon. There will be cheerleaders, players, and alumni present, and Coach Zorn will address the crowd at 2:30ish, before the start of the draft.

The fan activities — aside from just getting to be on the field and listening to our quotable head coach — include:

  • a free raffle for autographed Redskins memorabilia
  • passing and kicking skills tests on the playing field
  • tours of the team’s locker room
  • games in an arcade of some sort
  • the chance to dress like a Redskins player
  • an opportunity to see and photograph the team’s three Super Bowl trophies

Admission and parking are free.

I asked Chris Cooley if he had any specific memories of past Draft Day Parties. Read more »

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