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NFL Network and NFL.com Weigh In On The Signings

Posted by Matt Terl on February 27, 2009 – 3:14 pm


Every year I’m amazed by the round-the-clock coverage of the first night of NFL free agency — an awful lot of scrutiny is placed on, essentially, a bunch of job interviews. It felt like this year took it to new heights, especially when ProFootballTalk nearly killed the entire internet at the stroke of midnight.

I think this feeling came about partially because there are just more outlets covering the NFL than ever before, and partially because not that much really happened outside of the Haynesworth and Hall deals — so you had more people talking about fewer things, and thus covering them with even more thoroughness than usual.

As an example, the NFL Network. Above, NFL Network discusses the signing. Then there’s this article by Thomas George on NFL.com, which is possibly more supportive of the signing than even the most rabid Redskins fan:

Tampa Bay and Washington made the last calls for Haynesworth this time around and the Redskins won out. That means Tampa Bay took a shot and missed. If you are a Bucs fan this morning, you cannot like that outcome. You get in it to win it, especially if you are in the final duo. The Redskins understood this. The Bucs, with the most cap space of any team in tow, could not and should not have lost this battle.

Albert Haynesworth is all Washington Redskins now. He lives now in the NFC East. He fits right in with this division’s history of black-and-blue football.

For the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles, the way they view and approach the Washington defense just drastically changed.

Goodness. Redskins PR guy Zack Bolno couldn’t have been more effusive.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s yet another embedded video there, just in case you wanted another five minutes and twenty-five seconds discussion on the move. And that’s not mention all the airtime on ESPN, local ESPN radio affiliates, newspapers, blogs, team websites, and god knows what all else.

I’m certainly not criticizing, especially since I’m as guilty as anyone else, but … wow. That really is a LOT of coverage for the world’s biggest job fair.

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