Suisham Tendered, Kicker Battle Looms

Posted by Matt Terl on February 25, 2009 – 8:25 pm

The Redskins tendered a contract to Shaun Suisham today, meaning that the team can now match any offer to he might receive as a free agent.

From a practical standpoint, this makes it fairly likely that Suisham will battle Dave Rayner for the kicker position in training camp. From a less practical standpoint, it maintains the Canadian presence in the international corner of the locker room, which is nice.

Suisham started off the season kicking as well as he ever had, but suffered a noticeable drop-off as the weeks progressed. As I look at the season stats now, there is a bit of a correlation between Suisham’s struggles and Ryan Plackemeier taking over the holding duties. Plackemeier’s gone now, so that possible excuse is eliminated — maybe that means Suisham goes back to his strong starting form; maybe it’s a false correlation (and it certainly doesn’t explain why his kickoffs got worse).

Either way, the Kicker Battle will tell all. My goodness — this plus the long-snapper duel certainly promises another NON-STOP THRILL RIDE when training camp rolls around. Read more »

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On February 25, Banks Says: Andre Smith, OT, Alabama

Posted by Matt Terl on February 25, 2009 – 3:51 pm

Just over a month after version 1.0, Don Banks returns to update his mock draft based on the impressions gleaned at the NFL Scouting Combine. Last time, he had DT B.J. Raji heading to the Redskins with the 13th pick, which seemed reasonable enough.

This time around, Raji is off the board to Oakland at pick number 7 (and, though Banks doesn’t mention it, it seems reasonable to assume that he was writing this one while the Haynesworth-to-the-Redskins rumors were at their zenith yesterday, which could’ve led to the assumption that DT was less of a need).

So where do we go, according to Banks? How about Andre Smith, OT. From a media standpoint, it’s a golden pick, one where the story writes itself — the Outland Trophy winner out of Alabama would join current OT Chris Samuels, who left Alabama in 1999 after winning the Outland Trophy.

So that’s one upside. Smith’s comments during his brief stint at the Combine offer another: Read more »

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Wednesday, February 25: Better Get This Hat Quick

Posted by Matt Terl on February 25, 2009 – 9:12 am

I’m sure there’ll be plenty of pre-free-agency (pre-agency?) scuttlebutt to discuss later today, but reader Ryan was browsing and came across something a little lighter to start the day with. I present to you the official Reebok Washington Redskins 2009 St. Patrick’s Flex Fit Hat!

In his email, Ryan notes, “You can essentially either wear that for one day a year, or state that you are a Redskins and a Celtics fan.”

In fact, though, even the Celtic fan approach doesn’t actually work, because the brim specifically states that it’s a “St. Patrick’s Day edition.” The whole thing strikes me as oddly specific and weird, but there you go.

The one relevant day a year is coming up fast, so you probably should get your order in soon. Me, I’m holding out for a Cinco De Mayo Redskins sombrero. Read more »

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