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Redskins Talk Pets

Posted by Matt Terl on January 14, 2009 – 1:04 pm

Over the course of the season, I found myself in more conversations with players about their pets than I could reasonably have expected, but somehow it never seemed to fully cohere into a complete post for the blog. There was always something more important going on.

Well, it’s the offseason now, and there’s not very much going on at all, so now it coheres just fine, thanks.

Most of the guys have dogs, which you’d probably expect. What you might not expect is that the dog owners break down into two general categories, neither of whom gets too excited about discussing their dogs: you’ve got the people with big dogs, who are afraid of being lumped in with Michael Vick, and you’ve got the people with little dogs, who blame the dogs largely on their wives or girlfriends.

Rock Cartwright falls pretty squarely into the second category, with a toy poodle named Tyke (“He’s actually a great dog,” Cartwright says, when I look surprised. “He’s not hyper at all, and he likes to cuddle all the time.”)

Khary Campbell
and his wife have a three pound Yorkie. Anthony Montgomery splits the difference — he has a pit bull and his girlfriend has a five pound Yorkie.

“The Yorkie is the aggressive one, believe it or not,” Montgomery says. “The Yorkie is jealous and possessive. If me and my girlfriend are rubbing the pit bull the Yorkie goes crazy. He attacks the pit bull, biting him.”

So they don’t get along? “Oh, no, they play all the time. And if we’re outside and they run up on some dogs, he tries protect the pit bull.” Read more »

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Wednesday, January 14: Some Things Remain The Same

Posted by Matt Terl on January 14, 2009 – 9:30 am

It’s the offseason, a time that’s generally about change. (Well, it’s about wild speculation, unverified rumors, exuberant-bordering-on-irrational optimism, and change.) Changing coaches, finding new players, working out new approaches to the game … those are the things we usually focus on once the players jet off to wherever they are.

So it’s sort of unusual that the best news to come out of Redskins Park thus far in 2009 is all about things that have remained the same. Jim Zorn remains the head coach, bringing some rare continuity to Jason Campbell‘s NFL life. Greg Blache returns to a defense that finished the season ranked fourth in the NFL in yards allowed per game and sixth in points allowed. Clinton Portis will be back after another stellar campaign.

And now the team announces that general admission season ticket prices (upper and lower bowl) will also remain the same, for the third consecutive year. It may seem like a small thing, but in this economic climate every little bit helps. The ticket waiting list remains as long as ever — more than 200,000 people, according to chief operating officer Mitch Gershman — so demand is still high.

Full press release after the jump. Read more »

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