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Todd Yoder Talks Tony Dungy

Posted by Matt Terl on January 13, 2009 – 5:05 pm

Tony Dungy retired yesterday, and it was exactly the kind of news story that ESPN and the internet sports media can kinda overdo. The scrolls started along the bottom of ESPN yesterday morning, and by mid-day it seemed like twenty minutes of every hour were just random analysts breaking Dungy’s coaching career down to the smallest detail.

The saturation coverage can just kill stories like that for me — by the time the actual event takes place (in this case a 5:00 p.m. press conference, with a genuinely heartfelt speech), I’m already in full backlash mode and just want to hear about ANYTHING ELSE ON EARTH.

So it’s useful, sometimes, to have an actual person offer you a sincere perspective on things like that and change them from Breaking News to honest human events.

When I saw Todd Yoder today, it immediately occurred to me that he had come in to the league as an undrafted free agent in Tampa in 2000, when Dungy was the head coach there. (It was a much younger-looking Dungy then, as the image above shows.) I figured if the undrafted tight end had a favorable impression of the head coach five years after departing, that would actually mean something.

So what do you remember about working with Coach Dungy?

“I remember him being not only a great coach, but a great person. I mean, he’s very genuine, very caring… you know, he cared just as much about you as a person and your family as he did about you as a player.” Read more »

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Tuesday, January 13: Catching Up With Kedric Golston

Posted by Matt Terl on January 13, 2009 – 11:49 am

Things are still really quiet around Redskins Park. The coaches returned from their week off — all the holidays they missed condensed into one week, someone called it — so that’s livened things up a bit, but the absence of sixty-odd players is definitely noticeable.

Guys do show up occasionally, though, and today I had a chance to talk to Kedric Golston on his way out of the training room where he had been getting treatment on his ankle. He talked about all the things you’d expect, like his health, the playoffs, and how much youth cheerleading is like the film Bring It On.

So what have you been up to?

Just rehab and surgery.

How’d it go?

Surgery went well. I had my right ankle, had to get some bone spurs taken out of there.

Do those bone spurs hurt? I mean, did they affect your range of motion, or was it just a pain management kind of thing?

I don’t think it’s the bone spurs that hurt. I mean, you’ve got extra bone in your body, so of course it’s causing other problems. It’s not the actual spurs that hurt, it’s just what it does to everything else around the area, whether it’s stretching out ligaments or ripping cartilage and banging up against another piece of bone because it’s a foreign object in there.

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