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Friday, January 2: Coach Zorn Talks Fitness

Posted by Matt Terl on January 2, 2009 – 9:29 am

Hey, look, it’s 2009! One more year until the year we make contact, and three years until the Mayan calendar completely runs out and we all vanish (or something).

If you’re anything like me, at least one of your resolutions has to do with being healthier. And, if you’re anything like me, this isn’t the first year you’ve tried that. Somehow, it’s much simpler to DECIDE to start running again — especially the night of the 31st, after a drink or two — than it is to ACTUALLY start running again in the new year.

Well, Jim Zorn is here to help.

Megan Imbert, one of the excellent folks over at Redskins.com TV, conducted a long interview with Coach Zorn for the latest issue of Redskins Health & Wellness Magazine. The interview covered all aspects of his personal fitness philosophy, how he spends his spare time, and what advice he’d give to people trying to get into better shape, but Megan was only able to use a small portion of what he said for her article. Since the rest of that material was just lying around unread, she was kind enough to offer me the transcript, and today — as so many of us are setting ourselves up to fail at our resolutions — seemed like an excellent day to run it.

So enjoy, and have a happy start to 2009.

All right, Coach Zorn: what activity do you use to stay in shape?

“I’m a mountain biker. Probably the thing I do the most of, and I’ve had a few opportunities to even go during the season, but normally it’s an off-season program.

“Another thing I do to work out is I work on the Stairmaster, the gauntlet and basically that’s the one apparatus that I frequent and compete with myself on. I don’t compete with anyone else, I just sort of compete with myself.

” One of the things I did in Seattle religiously was there’s a mountain about fifteen minutes away called Tiger Mountain. It’s not a big mountain, but it would be a good workout to go out in the morning and come back down. The trail I took was about a 40 to 43 minute walk and if you are in great shape you could even do it under 40 minutes. All of those things help me out. I don’t run because I have severe arthritis in one of my ankles, but I’m active in those arenas.”

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