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Redskins @ Dallas – Fourth Quarter Thoughts

Posted by Matt Terl on September 28, 2008 – 7:33 pm

  • The Redskins dodged two bullets before getting that field goal – it really looked like Jon Jansen false started on second down, and the third down pass that bounced off of Santana Moss certainly seemed to hang in the air FOREVER, at least from up here. I’m not thrilled about settling for a field goal, especially since it leaves the lead at less than a touchdown-plus-PAT, but it’s also lucky that they got that much.
  • With Shawn Springs still on the bench with cramps, it appears that responsibility for Terrell Owens has shifted to Carlos Rogers. There have been points in Rogers’s career where that would have sounded like a terrifying prospect, but he’s been playing well lately – and he demonstrated it there, as Dallas went to Owens three straight times, and each time Rogers was the closest defender.
  • Clinton Portis is getting visibly stronger as the game wears on, and the Dallas defense is looking steadily more tired. The temptation is strong to hope that ZOrn continues the aggressive playcalling that’s impressed everyone through the season so far, but it seems unnecessary to move away from the run when it’s doing so well. Ultimately, Zorn agrees, running on third down – and it’s the wrong decision, although it’s all made completely moot by a twelve men on the field penalty against Dallas. I like lateral solutions to problems.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have an official brick. (<a href=”http://www.brick.com/”Acme Brick, if you’re curious.) I’m not sure why I find that any stranger than an official soft drink or official beer or official cheese-filled snack, but I do.
  • TERRIFYING PRESS BOX FACT: Everyone up here seems to be trying to figure out the last time the Redskins went this long without a turnover. It is becoming an obsession. People from various newspapers, Redskins PR staffers, random passers-by … all looking. Short of running onto the field to ask Jason Campbell if he knows the answer, I cannot think of a jinxier thing to do at this precise moment. I desperately wish they would stop.
  • The Durant Brooks Redemption Story adds another brief chapter, as the beleaguered rookie holder pulls down a high snap and gets it in position for Suisham to boot the Skins to a nine point lead.
  • The Redskins special teams looked amazingly fired up before that kickoff, and they looked pretty fired up running down to cover it as well. Chris Horton is performing remarkably in just about every phase of the game.
  • Either the Redskins have shifted back into some sort of ill-advised prevent defense, or the Cowboys were just waiting for the end of the fourth quarter to unveil the effective part of their offense. They’re annihilating the middle of the field, using Jason Witten and Miles Austin, and they’re managing to make me feel very, very tense.
  • Well, that certainly got very exciting toward the end, didn’t it? Miles Austin fantasy owners nationwide are thrilled, but it nearly gave me a heart attack.
  • Fans outside are shouting “We beat the best team in the NFL! What does that make us?!?” Which is probably a bit of overstatement, but that right there is one ENORMOUS win for this football team. I wonder if they’ll move up in all the arbitrary power rankings now.

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